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Empowering Global Business,
Delivering Local Excellence.

ROCS Global FZCO is a distinguished company based in the United Arab Emirates, functioning as a crucial pillar of the ROCS Group. As an integral part of our worldwide operations, ROCS Global FZCO offers comprehensive support services across a multitude of industries.

From retail and investment to insurance and media, our expert team employs a client-focused approach to deliver top-tier solutions. Our property and travel divisions reflect our commitment to excellence, enhancing the experience of our clientele with every interaction. Furthermore, we specialize in offering superior employment support, ensuring optimal placements that benefit both our partners and their employees.

In the realm of catering, we are recognized for our commitment to quality, with offerings designed to meet diverse customer needs and tastes. Our global businesses, operating under the ROCS Group trademark, showcase our capacity for successful multinational operations, solidifying our position as a leader in the market.

Our unyielding dedication to service excellence and industry-leading practices set ROCS Global FZCO apart, allowing us to provide exceptional support for the myriad of businesses within the ROCS Group, globally.

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